At SEGAL GEBSKI PLLC we focus on the complete needs of our client from establishment through all operational phases and corporate development. With our extensive business knowledge and transaction and litigation based experience, all factors necessary for the growth and success of a business are handled with the utmost result-oriented expertise.

We are committed to working closely with our clients, understanding their goals and the intricacies of their business. We become an integral part of our client’s team, providing complete business law advice and direction guidance to ensure that the rights and best interests of the business are maintained in all transactions.

SEGAL GEBSKI PLLC represents companies on all kinds of matters and transactions that are a part of the daily and ongoing operation of any business.

The type of legal entity chosen for the business is imperative to its success. We help determine which form is most appropriate for the client’s business goals, such as management style and business structure, tax exposure and consequences, risk management goals and client exit strategies.

We counsel clients from inception of their business idea through the diverse and difficult stages that follow. We assist clients in determining the most advantageous choice of entity to meet their objectives, such as — S Corporation, C Corporation, Limited Liability Company, Partnership, Limited Partnership.

Once the type of entity is chosen, we handle all facets of formation and organization, such as registration, documentation, preparation of minute books and stock certificates, preparation of crucial agreements, and obtaining any licenses that may be needed.

One of our most important roles is the anticipation of common issues and sources of potential disputes for our clients. We advise and represent clients regarding all business transactions to maximize the value of the business and minimize litigation exposure. If disputes arise, we use our experience and knowledge to represent clients through settlement negotiations or litigation, mediation, arbitration and dispute resolution. We take preventive action to stop or minimize problems to our client’s business.

We routinely assist clients in the preparation of written business plans that present their entrepreneurial ideas in formats that appeal to the investment community and stimulate investor interest. We then assist clients in negotiating the best relationships, all with a goal of increasing company assessment. We also focus on developing avenues of finance sourcing for emerging companies and early stage investors.

Our streamlined approach allows us to provide services at a fair cost to our clients, from the complex conglomerate to the conventional business owner. Our legal expertise and business knowledge allow us to handle all kinds of matters and transactions. We look forward to assisting you with your business needs.

We also assist companies through their international expansion.