Creating, branding and marketing your company is many times just as important, if not more important, than the product developed or the service rendered itself. After all, if someone cannot recognize your brand then how can word spread of its superb quality? Trademarks, logos, service marks, slogans, and other identifiers are all necessary techniques used to develop your image so that consumers or clients learn to know and trust it instinctively.

In order to ensure that your brand is recognized as yours and yours alone, it is critical to register your trademark on the federal level. The main advantages of filing for a federal registration include putting others on notice of your ownership claim to a mark, a legal presumption of ownership nationwide, and the ability to bring legal action against an infringer.

Even if you effectively register a federal trademark, there may be a chance that you are not the only one with a valid claim to the mark. Trademark rights may also be earned through registration with a state government or through use of the trademark in commerce. It is important to figure out whether anyone else has a similar or identical trademark, or else you may be faced with enforcement or infringement issues in the future.

We search potential trademarks before we file your mark, in order to determine whether it is protectable and the risk involved in associating it with your business. After filing your mark in the federal trademark database with the United State Patent and Trademark Office, we also regularly check federal applications to keep our clients informed of similar or identical trademarks.
Legal consultation with us can help you develop strong protection and avoid infringement or enforcement issues.